What are the Benefits of Annual AC Maintenance?

What are the Benefits of Annual AC Maintenance?

What are the Benefits of Annual AC Maintenance?When living in one of the warmest climates in North America it goes without saying that an air conditioning system is a must have for any home or workplace. An operable air conditioner isn't just about being comfortable, as cool air is critical for our health when temperatures spike. To ensure you always have the cold air you need, be sure to keep up with annual AC maintenance. Let's take a deeper look at the benefits of air conditioner maintenance.

Prevents Breakdowns

One of the most important reasons to schedule annual air conditioner maintenance is to ensure that your AC unit is going to provide you with cooling all year long. When a technician completes maintenance, they will inspect moving parts and seals to see if any preventative services should be completed to stop larger issues from occurring.

Improves Air Quality

By completing an AC tune up you actually improve the air quality in your home or place of work. This is because the AC technician should clean filters and ductwork to remove dust and allergens that could be spread through the air by the AC fan motor.

Increases Efficiency

Ultimately, AC maintenance is designed to keep your unit operating at maximum efficiency. This keeps you cool and your wallet thick thanks to low energy bills.

What does AC Maintenance Include?

When you schedule annual AC maintenance you can expect a technician to complete a variety of tasks. This often includes the following, depending on the needs of your particular system.

  • Clear ducts - Clearing ductwork is critical for effective air distribution and enhanced air quality.
  • Check coolant level - Ample coolant levels are necessary to decrease the air temperature. Any leaks will be addressed to prevent breakdowns.
  • Inspect moving parts & seals - The technician will carefully inspect any moving parts and seals that may need lubrication or replacement to effectively operate.
  • Calibrate thermostat - If a thermostat begins to register incorrectly it could result in ineffective cooling.

As spring sets in, now is a great time to perform an AC tune up. If you'd like to schedule annual air conditioner maintenance in Indian Wells or throughout the Coachella Valley, reach out to PB Mechanical Air Services. As the premier HVAC service provider in our region, you can count on us for expert residential and commercial services. Give us a call at (760) 292-3274 to request an appointment or an estimate for professional HVAC service in Indian Wells or the surrounding communities today!

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