Does your Palm Springs business need HVAC help? Call in a reputable expert!

Does your Palm Springs business need HVAC help? Call in a reputable expert!

As the scorching summer sun continues to send the thermometer skyrocketing, you need your business' AC system to function flawlessly. This will help to keep employees healthy and productive, and customers comfortable. Here's a look at five services offered by a commercial HVAC specialist in Palm Springs, CA.

Commercial AC Repair in Palm Springs

Signs of an AC problem include inconsistent airflow, excessive moisture, and a spike in your energy bill. When you first notice a symptom of AC trouble, you'll want to have an experienced HVAC service tech come out to conduct an inspection. Then, any problems can be remedied before they worsen.

Commercial AC Installation in Palm Springs

A commercial HVAC specialist will know how to install a new AC system without causing significant disruptions during your operating hours. And if you are trying to determine which type of unit will be best for your particular building, then you could benefit from an HVAC consultation before making your decision.

Commercial Heating Service

Soon enough, the winter months will once again be approaching. Before the thermometer drops, you'll want to make sure that your commercial building keeps reliably warm for your graveyard employees.

Commercial Duct Cleaning

If your shop has dirty ducts, then bacteria-filled air could become circulated through occupied areas. A professional duct cleaning will focus on the elimination of bacteria and allergens, while also making it easier for your system to achieve optimal airflow.

HVAC Maintenance Plans

For maximum efficiency of your HVAC system, it's best to schedule semi-annual maintenance. By keeping up with maintenance, HVAC issues can be addressed before they become major.

If you need commercial HVAC services, be sure to get in touch with a reputable specialist. For commercial HVAC services in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indio, and throughout the Coachella Valley, contact the experts at PB Mechanical Air Services at (760) 292-3274. PB Mechanical Air Services also offers expert heat pump installation in Palm Springs. Feel free to give PB Mechanical Air Services a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your commercial or residential HVAC needs!

Posted: August 07, 2020

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