5 Interesting HVAC Facts

5 Interesting HVAC Facts

As your home or business' HVAC system goes about keeping you comfortable, it might not seem like the most interesting feature of your building. But behind your HVAC system's functional value, there are actually some amusing anecdotes. Here's a look at five fun facts about HVAC systems.

Cold Hard Cash

In 1902, the New York Stock Exchange became the first building to feature air conditioning expressly for comfort purposes.

Keeping the President Cool...or Not

Air conditioning was first installed in the White House in 1929, under the Hoover administration. Considering the Great Depression occurred during this era, air conditioning must have seemed like an extravagant expense. Certain presidents, however, have not been big users of the AC system. FDR wouldn't use it at all, preferring to keep the White House very warm. Because Obama enjoys the tropical temperatures of his childhood home in Hawaii, he also went easy on the White House AC.

A Return to Year-Round School?

While many people believe that summer break started so kids could help their families in the fields, it actually had more to do with sweltering cities that made hot classrooms unbearable. As trees and plants were removed from cities and heat-trapping infrastructure was built, an "urban heat island" effect was created. Because air conditioning was not yet invented, summer break was instituted. But these days, many argue for the reestablishment of summer school, which would have more comfortable learning conditions thanks to modern HVAC systems.

Continental Disparity

Estimates indicate that the United States uses more energy on just air conditioning than the entire continent of Africa uses in total for all purposes.

Automotive AC Has Come a Long Way

The first air-conditioned vehicle, a Packard, rolled off the assembly line in 1939. However, it was not a hit because the AC unit took up about half the space in the trunk. The model was also quite expensive for its time.

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Posted: November 14, 2020

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