Common Signs of Refrigerator Trouble

Common Signs of Refrigerator Trouble

To keep food in edible condition, you need your fridge to dependably do its job. And if you run a business that relies on a refrigerator to keep your inventory sellable, then you'll want to always keep an eye out for signs of fridge failure. At the first indication of refrigerator trouble, it's best to call up a reputable HVAC professional who specializes in refrigeration repair. By quickly taking action, you'll hopefully be able to nip the problem in the bud and prevent the need for fridge replacement. Here's a look at five signs of fridge trouble.

Compressor Issues

The compressor is found at the bottom rear of the fridge. If you kneel down and can hear a motor running, but the fridge's temperature is higher than it's supposed to be, then you may be dealing with a compressor issue. In this situation, you should also check to see if simply adjusting the thermostat will correct the air temperature.

No Power

If your fridge lights aren't illuminating and your food is room temperature, then your fridge isn't getting power. You'll want to first make sure that the outlet is working by plugging something else into it. If you're sure the outlet works but your fridge isn't powering up, then it's time to call in for repairs.

Running Hot

To help you figure out if your fridge is overheating, you can reach to the back side of it and place your hand near the coils---but be sure not to put it directly on the coils---to see if it is especially warm. Another sign that your fridge is overheating is that the surrounding kitchen air feels warmer.

Accumulation of Frost

If frost accumulates in the evaporator coils, then your fridge's temperature could become inconsistent. These coils can be somewhat difficult to access and will likely require the fridge's back panels to be removed. But you may be able to more easily check for evaporator coil trouble by seeing if ice/frost is building up on your freezer's floor or walls.

Old Age

The lifespan for refrigerators is typically somewhere between ten and twenty years, for both domestic and commercial models. The general recommendation is that if your fridge is less than eight years old, then it's worth paying for repairs. But if it's getting up there in years and starts to fail, it could make more financial sense to go ahead and replace it.

If you need commercial refrigeration repair, be sure to get in touch with a reputable specialist. For refrigerator repair in Palm Desert, Palm Springs, and throughout the Coachella Valley, contact the experts at PB Mechanical Air Services at (760) 292-3274. Feel free to give PB Mechanical Air Services a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your residential or commercial HVAC needs!

Posted: September 14, 2020

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