What are symptoms of a refrigerator problem?

What are symptoms of a refrigerator problem?

When a refrigerator malfunctions, it's important to quickly call in a repair expert so that you can save as much food as possible from spoiling. If you rely on a commercial refrigerator to keep your business running, then it's especially crucial that your fridge stays in strong operating condition. Here are four symptoms of fridge trouble.

Compressor Problem

A compressor problem could be present if you hear the motor running, but the fridge temperature is above what it should be. With temperature issues, it's worth checking the thermostat to make sure you don't just need to adjust that.

Buildup of Frost

Your fridge temperature could start fluctuating if its evaporator coils are affected by a buildup of frost. It can be a bit challenging to access the coils, and you'll probably need to remove the fridge's back panels to do so. A professional technician will be able to properly evaluate your coils to see if there are any issues with them that need to be addressed.

Old Age

Both commercial and residential refrigerators should last at least a decade, and potentially up to twenty years. As a general guideline, it's usually worth repairing a fridge if it is under eight years old. But with older fridges, it tends to be more cost-effective to just go ahead and get a replacement.

No Power

If your fridge is room temperature and its lights aren't turning on, then there's probably no power getting to it. You'll want to double-check that your outlet isn't the problem. If it isn't, then you should promptly call in a technician who can accurately diagnose the issue that is preventing your fridge from getting power.

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Posted: May 17, 2021

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